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All the ways we can help.

From branded web series, to explainer videos, to TV and streaming commercials, we’re here to help write premium scripts for video and animation.

Branded Narratives

Our bread and butter: The branded web series, short film, or 1-minute standalone story is a great way to embolden your brand. A typical package is between 3 and 5 episodes at about 2 minutes a piece.

OTT, Podcasts & Online Ad Scripts

Scripts for spots in that classic :15 and 30-second time constraints. Or maybe a longer ad – for today’s longer ad blocks.

Explainer Scripts

We love breaking down heavy topics and making them feel light and easy: from the human body, to tech, to the universe – and everything in-between.

Want more than just the script?

In our time writing with film teams, we’ve made some great friends along the way. And we often partner with them to create entire projects – from the script to the finished video. Interested in a full-service project? Drop a line and let’s chat!