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How to Create a Story From a Creative Brief

Here’s a step-by-step formula for taking your brief’s paint points, and creating a full-blown story – with characters, conflict and drama.

Apr 15

On Motivating Action: A Q&A with a Marvel Showrunner

I caught up with Showrunner Marion Dayre to learn how character-building trumps plot-building – making stories less formulaic, more human, and way more watchable. 

Mar 30

What Animators Wish Scriptwriters Knew

Smart words from veteran animators on how to make that visual suggestions column in your script awesome – and within scope.

Feb 15

Using Cliffhangers to Hook Your Audience

By putting your characters in constant jeopardy, cliffhangers work to up the stakes – keeping your audience glued to the edge of their seats.

Jan 15

How to Write a Comedy Script

Sketch comedy follows a format – and you can use it for all sorts of branded content. Here’s a no-stress starter guide.

Jun 18

Don’t Delete Stuff When You’re Writing. Try This Instead.

Or, the art of pushing words down.

I’m a big fan of writing in an actual notebook. Everything’s always going to be there – unless you rip out the page or cross it out so intensely you’d never be able to decipher the now-hidden meaning.

In those situations, heck, those words were meant to disappear forever.

Nov 8

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